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  • newInside The Growing World Of Behavioral Genetics
    “The left-wing view is that everyone’s born the same and you can make everyone achieve the same way. From genetics research, we’ve shown that’s not true.”
    - 1 hour ago 27 Jul 16, 2:21am -
  • newPracticing For Protest (And Arrest) At The DNC
    Hours before they took to the sweltering Philadelphia streets, more than 100 activists sat in the pews of the Arch Street United Methodist Church for training that included mock arrests and de-escalation role-playing.
    - 2 hours ago 27 Jul 16, 1:18am -
  • newThe Campaign To Make You Eat Kimchi
    Why is Korean food taking off in the U.S. now, decades after the largest waves of Korean immigration? In addition to being delicious, there are deeper factors at play — namely, a large investment from the Korean government to promote and propagate…
    - 3 hours ago 27 Jul 16, 12:15am -
  • newThe Magic/Deep Learning Behind Facial Recognition
    Facebook’s auto-tagging algorithms are able to recognize your friends’ faces after they have been tagged only a few times. It’s pretty amazing technology  —  Facebook can recognize faces with 98% accuracy which is pretty much as good as…
    - 3 hours ago 27 Jul 16, 12:15am -
  • newHow Kids Just Being Kids Became A Crime
    Are poor kids "underserved" by the government, or are they targeted?
    - 3 hours ago 27 Jul 16, 12:15am -
  • newEven A Tiny Bit Of Exercise Will Help You Not Die
    The two women who sit across from me at work are similar in many ways. They're both young, whip smart, and wicked chic, but they couldn't be less alike when it comes to their personal philosophies on
    - 5 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:50pm -
  • newThe Case Of The Vanishing Pandemic
    In November of 2014, a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu popped up in North America. From there, the virus quickly spread and mutated into new varieties, including H5N1, fanning fears it would vault to humans and cause a deadly pandemic. Then, it…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:50pm -
  • newHillary Clinton Officially Nominated At Democratic Convention
    Hillary Clinton easily exceeded the 2,383-delegate threshold necessary to become the first female presidential nominee of a major party. South Dakota put her over the top with 15 votes.
    - 5 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:50pm -
  • newHow We All Became 'Garbage' People
    At this point, it’s easier to name what hasn’t been described as a “dumpster fire” than what has, at least for proper nouns.
    - 5 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:50pm -
  • newWatch Bernie Sanders Tear Up As His Brother Casts A Vote In Their Parents' Honor
    During Tuesday's roll call vote at the Democratic National convention, Bernie Sanders' brother cast an emotional vote for his brother as part of the Democrats Abroad delegation. As he read the vote in honor of their parents, both Sanders brothers beg…
    - 6 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:03pm -




Boing Boing

  • newSpelling, Florida style
    Via Reddit, a photo of Pine Ridge High School, Deltona, Florida's interpretive road art.
    - 4 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 11:12pm -
  • newBernie Sanders overcome with emotion as his brother Larry casts delegate vote at DNC
    In Philadelphia today at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, an emotionally overwhelming moment for Bernie Sanders as Democrats Abroad cast their votes for the party's 2016 presidential nominee. (more…)
    - 5 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 10:51pm -
  • newExtreme off-road wheelchair
    The Ripchair 3.0 is an electric off-road wheelchair (actually, a "track chair") that enables you to roll your regular wheelchair or powerchair into the chassis, dock it into place, and take off. It's outfitted with a 19 horsepower, 4 stroke engine,…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 8:01pm -
  • newMinimalism "not really minimal"
    Kyle Chayka hates minimalism, a consumer product like any other, a class signifier, a "slightly intriguing perversion, like drinking at breakfast" for the insincere global elite....an outgrowth of a peculiarly American (that is to say, paradoxical…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 7:30pm -
  • newMiss Cleo dead at 53
    TMZ reports that Miss Cleo is dead at 53. The TV psychic, also known as Youree Harris, was famous for the character's faux-Jamaican accent and the bizarre Tarot-themed advertising campaigns exhorting Americans to call in for a reading.You couldn'…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 7:07pm -
  • newBitcoin not real money according to judge
    You can save it, you can buy things with it, you can watch its value fluctuate, but according to a Miami court judge, "bitcoin has a long way to go before it is equivalent of money."Judge Teresa Mary Pooler ruled yesterday that defendant Michael Es…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 6:48pm -
  • newMysterious green slimy foam emerges from Utah sewer
    Salt Lake City area health officials are investigating a very strange green foam that's emerging from a sewer grate in Bluffdale, Utah. Residents are freaked out because the nearby Utah Lake waterway was recently shut down due to a large toxic algae…
    - 10 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 6:08pm -
  • newBottle of 90 fish oil capsules for $1
    I just bought a bottle of 90 Cellucor Cor-Performance Fish Oil capsules for $1 on Amazon using a coupon code generated here. You have to enter an email address to get the code, but it instantly gives you the code without verifying your email address.…
    - 10 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 5:54pm -
  • newTextiles printed directly from sewer covers
    Berlin's Raubdruckerin ("Pirate Printer") roam the world's great cities -- places like Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon -- and apply ink-rollers directly to the prettiest manhole and utility covers they can find, then print tees, hoodies, posters and bag…
    - 10 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 5:47pm -
  • newDig this portable record player from 1966
    I really dig the design of this 1966 portable record player! If I had one, I'd play Manfred Mann's "Pretty Flamingo" on it too. "You can treat it just like a transistor radio and the sound is free of distortion however you carry it!"
    - 10 hours ago 26 Jul 16, 5:21pm -